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Situationism Now – Understanding Guy Debord in a Contemporary Political Context

‘to help create a non-dogmatic, non-religious, non-bullshit Marxism’ (Tariq Ali on Daniel Bensaid, 2013) by Dr Jones Irwin, Institute of Education, Drumcondra, Dublin City University. to accompany workshop, details below 1967. 50 years ago this year and it was the … Continue reading

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Brexit and the constitution

By Prof Michael Keating In the last twenty years, the United Kingdom has undertaken a massive programme of constitutional change. It has transformed form a formally unitary state into a plurinational, quasi-federal union associated in complex ways with the neighbouring … Continue reading

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From George W Bush to Donald Trump: The Exceptional Resilience of Democracy Promotion in US Political Discourse

John Ikenberry recently wrote: “the relationship between American grand strategy, democracy promotion and international security has been debated with great intensity ever since the unexpected collapse of Soviet power between 1989 and 1991.” According to Ikenberry, this is “a debate … Continue reading

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Realist Disobedience: Protest, coercion and the limits of an appeal to justice

by Dr Guy Aitchison, School of Politics and International Relations, UCD. This paper addresses a very specific question regarding the ethics of civil disobedience and political resistance in liberal states: When (if ever) is it legitimate for political actors to … Continue reading

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Solidarity in the (un-)making? Insights from media discourses in the Eurozone crisis

By Stefan Wallaschek My current research interest starts with a basic question: What does solidarity mean? This concept is used quite often – but in regard to different topics: the welfare state is attributed as a solidarity mechanism, trade unions … Continue reading

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What happens to North Koreans who flee their country – and what can they tell us?

Alexander Dukalskis, University College Dublin There is no shortage of commentary on what should be done about North Korean weapons programmes. Op-eds in major news outlets variously advocate for talks, a strategy of deterrence combined with progress on humanitarian and … Continue reading

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