SPIRe Seminar EXTRA: “Sweatshops and Snakebites: Cautionary Tales of Climate Change Adaptation in Northeast Brazil”.

SPIRe is pleased to announce an EXTRA Seminar series, welcoming Professor Timothy Finan of the University of Arizona to present a talk on “Sweatshops and Snakebites:  Cautionary Tales of Climate Change Adaptation in Northeast Brazil.” from 13:00-14:00 this Friday, January 25th in G317, Newman Building, UCD Belfield.  All are welcome to attend.


The vast semi-arid hinterland of the state of Ceará has suffered for centuries from frequent and severe drought, a pattern that is projected to worsen under increased desiccation due to climate change.  This paper presents a methodology that compares the localized impacts of drought with the corresponding social impact.  Using anomalies between Nature-Society, the analysis seeks to identify where local adaptation to climate is occurring due to either changes in livelihood characteristics or to public policy.  Ultimately the analysis assesses the impacts of governance on adaptation to environmental stress.

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