SPIRe Seminar Week 10: Patterns of Conflict in the Great Lakes Region

SPIRe’s Profs. Jennifer Todd and Paul Walsh will be presenting their paper (with Lupa Ramadhani) titled “Patterns of Conflict in the Great Lakes Region” Thursday November 22nd from 13:00-14:00 in G317 Newman (Arts) Building, UCD Belfield.


The African Great Lakes Region (GLR) has witnessed some of the most intense
violence and protracted conflict of the last half-century. There has been spiralling
and sometimes over-lapping conflict in Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and the
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) (hereinafter Zone 1 conflict states). Yet their
neighbours—Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia (hereinafter Zone 2 peaceful
states)—have remained generally peaceful. This article asks what makes the
difference in conflict outcomes between these neighbouring states? It has one goal:
to identify a set of structural and historical factors (if any), that differentiate the zone
1 from the zone 2 states and which can explain the incidence of conflicts across
time and countries. We set out to document and estimate the impact of a common
set of structural factors that underpin the outbreak of wars in this region over the
past fifty years, while controlling for time and country specific effects.

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