The Irish government cautiously tiptoes in an ‘open government ‘direction

Ireland Stat, a pilot Government level performance measurement website, has recently being launched by the the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform.

The Programme for Government 2011 promised: the “whole of Government” would be “more transparent, accountable and efficient”, and to “pin down accountability for results at every level of the public service”.

Ireland Stat is designed as a new whole-of-Government performance measurement website. It aims to meet the Programme for Government commitment and to answer the question “How is Ireland doing?”

The aim is for Ireland Stat to present a hierarchy of measures to show Ireland’s performance. This builds on the Performance Budgeting process and it also draws on existing publicly available measures gathered from Statements of Strategy, Annual Reports, CSO, OECD, EuroStat, etc. It brings the measures together into one website.

The pilot website covers the following:

  • Policy areas Programmes
  • Economy Jobs & Enterprise Development; Innovation; Agri-food
  • Transport Land Transport
  • Environment Rural Economy; Flood Risk Management; Food Safety
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