New Textbook on Irish Foreign Policy

Gill and Macmillan have just published a contemporary and authoritative textbook presenting major themes and analysis of Irish foreign policy within a contextual framework of history, political science, economics and international relations. UCD SPIRe Associate Professor Ben Tonra led an editorial team drown from the Royal Irish Academy’s Committee on International Affairs to draw up the text, calling upon expertise from several disciplines across Irish universities and from within the Department of Foreign Affairs. The text includes specialist chapters from UCD’s Dr. Paul Gillespie and Ben Tonra. Structured along the traditional lines of comparative foreign policy. Introduces the historical context and presents the policy-making processes and actors. Themed chapters address context, contemporary policy issues and future challenges in relation to Ireland’s foreign policy across a number of critical areas. Discusses Ireland’s foreign policy challenges posed within the international system and through its membership of the European Union. Case studies that focus on a specific period or issue are used throughout the text and are illustrative of larger themes within Irish foreign policy. Written in an open and accessible style by leading academic analysts and practitioners of Irish foreign policy. Written For undergraduate and graduate students of Foreign Policy, Irish History and Politics, International Relations, Development Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, Comparative Foreign Policy.

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