Workshop on Economic Development with Wuhan University, China

SPIRe, along with the UCD College of Human Sciences, will host a workshop on economic development with scholars from China’s Wuhan University.  Details below:

UCD Global Lounge, Gerard Manley Hopkins Centre  (Downstairs of the Main Restaurant)

Tuesday 8 October, 9am-1pm



Professor Xibao Guo, WHU “Why Does China’s Economy Grow So fast?”

Professor Ron Davies, UCD “Foreign Bidders Going Once, Going Twice… Protection in Government Procurement Auction”

Professor Chusheng Ye, WHU “The Threshold Effects of Social Capital Affecting Household Welfare – An Explanation of the Poverty Trap in Rural China”

Professor Patrick Paul Walsh, UCD “Using Efficiency to Build Equity: The Case for Social Protection”

For further information: Prof. Patrick Paul Walsh (

Ms Yuanyuan Ma (


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